Friday, June 15, 2012

25 Acre Berry Farm Anyone???

me resting under one of our "totems"
Me going through a wall of brush with the clearing saw
Great to be back out there this spring making gardens. I have been asked to participate in a new garden project that involves a piece of land that has been selectively logged over the years and is now covered with a mix of semi mature standing trees and mostly salmon berry and red elderberry with dominance of wild bleeding hearts to carpet.
We have been asked to turn this land into a farm for producing lots of extra fruits and vegetables for our local community.
We started going across the land with a clearing saw last week to get a look at the land under those berry bushes.
Our next step will be to bring in machinery to clear the large debris and to level the land in a most gentle as possible way...
Next I will chip up all the branches from the trees and inoculate them with mycelium ever the newly graded land to make it more alive with the fungi, but also to help prevent erosion this fall and through the winter season.

My Wife Jessica and I have been asking the universe for many years for a clear cut piece of land to bring back the native and beneficial fungi and microbes to transform the area into A LIVING AND BREATHING FARM. I sure hope that this is finally the one!! Updates on the site will be documented in the future posts. Watch as this land quickly unfolds into our little paradise we call "Elfinstone Farm"

I will do my best at all times to listen to the land to see what she wants.
keep in touch!!!!
mark wilkes

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