Friday, June 15, 2012

The Mine Reclamation

Well everyone this is what i found today at the Sechelt Band Lands gravel mine. THIS IS REAL RECLAMATION EVERYBODY! We went up there this morning and found these beautiful mushrooms growing amongst very healthy crimson clover sowed last August as i believe. There were a few maggots in the mushrooms and this is a good thing because it means the flies went over the garden and decided to hatch their babies there in the middle of a gravel pit. Sounds like bringing life to that place if you ask me!!! The swallows were also really excited today flying around us as i am sure they were also eating the maggot flies. I was also excited to see that the migratory Canadian Geese were there as well laying in the clover for cover and possibly eating the slugs that were present. So Paul Stamets This worked on a large to small scale of initiating a food chain effect on what i would like to call the MOON!
Your humble fungifile
Mark Wilkes AKA the Funguy
Funguy Gardens
British Columbia
soon i will post pictures on how i made this miracle of life!!! The Best mulch in the World
here are some more pictures


 also here are some interesting additions to the garden
crusher dust from the Lehigh Rock Crusher and a thin 2 inch layer of cedar wood chips????

maybe some people can explain this????

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