Friday, June 15, 2012

My Little Ginger Experiment

Top View
Mulch around bags to warm them up
Showing the Peat Mix
This is it!!! Lets see What Happens
Today is the day after the day i planted my ginger. I live in the Pacific North West. I have had a dream about growing ginger and bringing certified organic ginger to the local BC Farmer Market. I would freak out if I were to walk into a market in September to see fresh clean and pink ginger covering the table just ready to make some fresh Chai with or to pickle to serve with your fresh sushi.
So i agreed to my many selves that growing ginger is a feasible act here in BC but i would have to be crafty.

Friday June 8th

1st trial on growing ginger in my green house on on the ally below Soave drive in gibsons bc

soil recipe i used:
2 buckets peat moss
2 buckets of greenhouse soil
5 large handfuls bentonite clay
2 big shovels of crusher rock
i placed this mix into garbage bags in the green house
i mounded the bags up with wood chips to hopefully start to compost and heat the soil up from the sides
i planted the ginger according to the Maria Thun calendar on a root day
these are the pictures to mark my progress

so it would be very helpful if anyone out there has any advise on growing ginger in this method???
ideally i would like to set up a green house here on the coast and grow between 2-500 of these bags a year. all the advice is great!!!!

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