Friday, June 15, 2012

Myco remediation

hello everyone these are some of the first fruiting of the year. This is from the reclamation job I did last year inside the Sechelt gravel mine with the Sechelt First Nations and Lehigh Heidelberg which sorry to say has been cancelled because of lack of funding. So fortunately for me and a co worker we will be up there first thing in the morning to harvest these beauties for consumption and sales. We live here in the Pacific Northwest and they are starting to fruit so if you have a patch this first taste of warm weather is bringing them on. The funny thing is that these mushrooms are growing in the middle of a mine site initiating a food chain effect and in the morning I will be documenting how installing a mushroom patch like this on the moon(as I call it) brings life to that place. At first there will be as I suspect some imbalance as there will be a predominant insect to come and feast but this should even out as time progresses- lets face it, it takes time for life to come back to such an  environment!
Stay tuned;

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