Friday, August 17, 2012

Growing With Mother Earth

The more I dive into the world of farming or should I say communing with nature, the more I feel part of the truth that we are all looking for. We all want to feel connected to the land and my way is to give the land not as much but more than I take away at harvest. Imagine if every year you have worked your field, the soil got richer- I mean the organic content slowly rose and more life came to it!?!? Well when I look out at my garden this year and see that it has not been really used to grow many crops(because I just had another beautiful child and I wanted to spend lots of time with the family this summer). So instead of feeling bad, I pull myself back and see all that rich manure and layers of seaweed, mixed with yet more mycorrhizae from "Fungi Perfecti" and mycelium of the King Stropharia that I added to it in the spring. This makes me think that I did the best thing for the garden. That is to let it rest from growing crops for this summer so as to let the land take the time to incorporate these new ingredients into the matrix. When it is finished around late summer I will seed those ever faithful kales and rapinis for the winter months through to the spring when fresh food prices are high and nutrition is needed. Do you SEE the image that is forming with this paradigm around growing your garden??? This is also a great way to take advantage of niche markets around providing fresh food when not many people have it available in the cold months.
Hint--- You take a large part of your garden and add all the ingredients like wood mulch or ramial wood chips from deciduous trees, manure, seaweed, and compost from last year, along with minerals like glacial rock dust and bentonite clay. You add these ingredients and maybe a bunch of organic fertilizer and fresh grass clippings to speed it all up. Remember we are adding all this right into the bed or area of future growing. You then leave this to "mingle" for the summer months when the weather is warm and activity is at its highest. By midsummer you have something incredible- you have a GARDEN. WOW!!! Was that hard or what- this area will now be the new powerhouse of your land. I plant this immediately with a mixture of Kale and Rapini, side dressed with one of the best fungal allies I know of --Crimson Clover- So I am talking the middle of July and I started all this around the end of March in coastal BC where we are starting to get some warmer weather.
This technique will give you over 5 years of fantastic growing conditions if you put in at least 3 inches of deciduous ramial wood chips. There is a manure that comes close and is Goat-if they eat lots of lignan fiber- meaning bark and woody substances- that lasts upward of 2 - 2 1/2 years in your soil without having to add to it- and please if someone disagrees please leave a comment- knowledge is power! 
Your land is now alive!!! The magic of nature!!!
You can do this technique in a desert or a parcel of farmland that has been desertified by the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. 
This is my present to the world- take back your land and grow food for you and your immediate community- not some other country. When you practice this technique tell your neighbour farmer or grower to come by and practice it as well.
I just remembered what you are going to ask??? Where do I get the fungal ingredients???
answer- spores are on everything, and by creating an environment of humidity from the cut spring grass and the wood chips you will trigger wild fungal allies. I recommend if you live in a very arid place to grow grass over this area until the soil is formed adequately and this you will know by intermittent observation over the months- usually 6. This will help hold precious moisture and create the optimal environment for mycorrhizae to thrive. If not grass then back to Crimson Clover.
By bringing the level of organic matter dramatically UP in the soil the plants CANNOT uptake the dangerous heavy metals present so as when you eat the food- it becomes not only safe to eat but healthy as well. It is up to you people. For your family and community- trade only with outside what you cannot provide for inside, and only if necessary.
Happy Growing   

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