Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gardening with the Seasons Part 3 Spring

Spring is generally the busiest time of the year for my business. Many people feel the push to get things done and generally have too many things to acconmplish so they give me a call- Like a Garden Doctor to the Rescue. This is great for me although it leaves me with figuring out ways to keep my home garden to as low maintenance as possible. After working all day in the field the last thing you want to do is bend over and put the transplants into your own garden. Except for one time of the day--- First thing in the morning- You wake up with the energy of spring bright and early and that is a great time of day to put in transplants(hardened off) or seeding time. Some people meditate- i use the garden as a meditation.... from this you will learn what your garden truely wants. When you turn those early mornings into ritual planting time then you will get dreams of intuition into what the garden wants. Your intuition is not someting you will ever learn from a gardening book. Intuition when you are in your garden will leave you less panicked to "get things done". Spring time should be about checking under your leaves and seeing all that native micchoryzea and scooping some up and mixing it with your transplant mediums to get that great start. Yup I just gave you a big trick for transplants! You should not have build new beds because that ideally would have been done in the fall and mulched for the winter. Assesing your soil is great this time of year to feel if it needs anything for the coming season. If it is heavy then lighten it up.
Fresh Cauliflower on Elphinstone Farm

I generally don't put to much mulch onto the beds in the spring because the earth is trying to warm up and mulch will cool it. Without mulch covering your soil in the springtime you get to catch all the plants wanting to sprout up in your beds and deal with them while they are exerting most of their energy, getting to them before they seed out. But remember that every time you disturb the soil you are unfolding a whole new set of seeds wanting to grow.
Some farmers identify what types of plants are wanting to grow and if they can cutting off their tops above the soil layer as to not disturb the soil. Then when they are about to seed their desired crops they seed 10x more then recommended. This smothers out undesired plants from germinating. After which they simply thin the weaker seedlings to the desired spacing. This method seems to cost more in seed and initial labor but getting to the place of having only your strongest plants growing and next to no undesired plants growing your summer will be spent drinking more wine and enjoying your garden in a non-stressed state.
So Two Rules Of Spring   
1-Work on your garden before you go work for the Man
2- Spend time in quiet contemplation in your space of peace to get guidance

And Ohh yes pre-order your micchoryzea before you go to plant those seeds!!!!   

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