Monday, February 18, 2013

Gardening the Mycelium

Lets start right off by recapping why I do What I do- That is growing soil or better yet Initiating Food Chains. The first picture is of soil that was leveled by a machine in order to create space for a garden.
The next picture is of the very same soil after having mycelium of the Garden Giant grow on top of it and not dug into it for 10 months using wood chip of Alder (Alnus rhombifolia).
This remarkable difference in the transformation between barely being able to grow a tree, to the tree having a very friendly environment. This transformation that I have previously documented in the Salish Mine Project in Sechelt BC. Taking a barren, inhospitable environment and making it an oasis in just one or two seasons is incredible. The regenerative possibilities are endless so I continue to journey into the unknown in search of investors willing to turn their destroyed land into a paradise.
I Love This Job!!!! 

For the upcoming Seedy Saturday in Roberts Creek British Columbia, we have constructed 1 gallon pots filled with a mixture of straw, fresh alder wood chips, spawn of Stropharia rugoso annulata, coffee chaf and a couple secret ingredients for superior production.
straw soaking in water
fresh ramial wood chips
fresh mycelium (white)
By adding these all together into 1 gallon pots we came up with these portable kits to bring home for the mushroom growing enthusiast.
Just think that if you expanded this kit into an acre of land how much life would come there to feast on the bounty- I have seen it and it is incredible and inspiring. My little part....
Mushroom Kits
Just remember that if the mushrooms you grow don't look like these, than properly identify them before consumption. The Garden Giants look very similar to meaty portabella mushrooms with a more musky wine flavor.
Garden Giants growing in the Swiss Chard
The Funguy and Friends

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