Sunday, February 3, 2013

Gardening with the Seasons Part 4--Winter

Winter in Coastal BC for me is quite active. I need this time to reflect on my last years experiences. All my lessons learned like my failed Ginger experiment. Of all the things I used peat that I found out later had a PH of 2.5. I guess that was a great reason they got 1 1/2 feet tall then just stopped everything. Lesson Learned!! Also the great breakthroughs with the fungi beds. One was planting  Crimson Clover immediately on top of the newly created mushroom patch. This really aided in the process of the digestion of the wood chips. It also created and environment for birds to nest and in an otherwise inhospitable environment, and as well as many other advantages. It also aided to conserve water in complete exposure to the sun. The patch that I am mentioning was not watered after the middle of summer.
Back to Winter Growing with Mycelium. Usually if you live in Canada the ground is completely frozen and unable to manipulate- not here on the Sunshine Coast. The Baby crows have all hatched in the trees beside my gardens and the worms will soon be hatching in the soil. I have been making piles of soil in preparation for local sales- Yes the first of Funguy Gardens Fungi created soil. I have allowed it to sit for 1 year from time of chipping/inoculation until now. As far as I can tell I will be the first person to produce fungi soil, amend it then sell it. I am going to sell it as a soil conditioner or amendment. It will be for outdoor use only and customers will be warned that if they forget to water the plants that have the soil they will be hurting the worms that are coming with it. I will be calling it ALIVE because it is. So now that everyone is going through all their seed catalogs and getting their heads wrapped around design and plants in their gardens this year people will get a great start with Funguy Soil complete with Micorrhizal Fungi and beneficial Minerals.   Now that I am finished with my sales pitch here is a great place to go to get some warm in your garden for years to come.

Heat your Greenhouse or even your home with A wood chip pile
Jean Pain Digester

There are many newer models but this is the original. Enjoy and create the change that you were born to lead!!
Happy growing!!!
The Funguy

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